Athens, Olympia, Nafplion and Loutraki

  • Days 1-4

     Fly direct to Athens. Transfer to Hotel. Overnight

    Stay in Athens on Bed and Breakfast basis.

    Breakfast in the hotel. Transfer to Athens airport and pick up hire car.  Drive to Olympia (approx 300km). Overnight.

  • Days 5-6

    Stay in Olympia on Bed and Breakfast basis.

    Breakfast in the hotel. Drive to Nafplion (approx 175km). Overnight.

  • Days 7-9

    Stay in Nafplion on Bed and Breakfast basis.

    Breakfast in the hotel.  Drive to Loutraki (approx 75km).  Overnight

  • Days 10-11

    Stay in Loutraki on Bed and Breakfast basis.

    Breakfast in the hotel.  Drive back to Athens Airport (approx 115km). Return hire car.  Fly back to the UK.

Athens is one of the most vibrant and dazzling cities in Europe with its unique blend of old and is one of the few places on earth that can boast a history of over 5000 years!  Athens has many different aspects: walk around the famous historic triangle (Plaka, Thission, Psyri) where the old neighbourhoods reveal the many layers of history and the civilisations who have lived there.

Birthplace to the modern Olympic Games, Olympia makes for a fascinating base for a holiday in its own right. Dating back to 776 B.C. the site boasts remains of the stadium and the hippodrome, as well as a host of spectacular ruins, collections and monuments, including the Temple of Zeus.  There are plenty of beautiful scenic walks, hikes and cycle rides, delightful mountain villages and some stunning beaches.

One of the most beautiful harbours in the area of Argolis, Nafplion was the first capital of the newly born Greek state between 1823 and 1834. The town’s history traces back to the prehistoric era when soldiers from here participated in the Argonautic expedition and the Trojan War alike. Frankish, Venetian and Turkish conquerors have left their mark in the town and strongly influenced its culture, architecture and traditions. The medieval castles, Ottoman fountains and Venetian buildings are truly mesmerizing.

Corinth remains one of the major gateways to the whole of the Peloponnese.  The famous canal offers some impressive views of ships passing through and is a great base from which to explore Mycenae as well as the Roman sites of ancient Corinth itself.  6km north east of Corinth is Loutraki, a seaside resort now also well known for its’ vast natural springs and therapeutic spas. 

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