Luxury suites and villas. Soma Spa. Sleeps 2-6. Private swimming pool. Air-conditioning

The "Domes of Elounda Autograph Collection", is situated in the internationally renowned hot spot of Elounda. The resort consists of eighty suites and forty villas that represent not only the beauty of the Mediterranean, but also depict the Cretan culture. 

The UNESCO protected medieval monument of “Spinaloga’’, as well as the historic tradition of Byzantium, shed the light of inspiration for the architectural design of “Domes of Elounda Autograph Collection ”.

The architectural philosophy behind the designs of "Domes of Elounda Autograph Collection" is monumental for the use of domes and pyramidal roofs, earth color of the building materials, combined in harmony with the unique Mediterranean light and a distinctive approach to the use of volumes and space. The result is a unique resort development with autonomous residential units, which manages to integrate a unique resort complex of the highest standards that fits in harmony with the landscape of Crete. Moreover, the area's stunning views of the gulf of Elounda, the traditional town of Elounda, and the medieval castle of "Spinalonga" give the chance for a luxurious "getaway".

In front of the resort lies an approximately three-acres lush area, which opens onto a private sandy beach, that offers a surplus of choices to keep you by the sea water with a stunning view of the "Spinalonga". The emphasis on the area's natural riches and the resort's sophisticated architecture create an impressive environment that will surely take your breath away. Physical beauty along with the high level of luxury services tailored to each visitor’s personal needs, fashions an unprecedented vacation that must be experienced by all.

Following its addition to Autograph Collection, Domes of Elounda has set about redefining the key components of the luxury hotel experience with the launch of its brand new ‘Haute Living Selection’.  It combines this property’s remarkable location with exclusive luxury, privacy and service to create an unforgettable experience. 

This year, the new Domes Luxury Residences, along with the stunning Domes Ultraluxe Villas, come with the ‘Haute Living Selection’, essentially creating an exclusive haute-luxury villa boutique experience, within the already impressive resort of Domes of Elounda, Autograph Collection.

Ranging from 200 to more than 400m² and featuring a unique ‘nest-in’ design, the Ultraluxe Villas and Luxury Residences have unrivalled levels of privacy, whilst benefitting from all the bespoke services and amenities of a luxury hotel, plus the additional tailor made inclusions of the ‘Haute Living Selection’. Combined, the offering really is the definition of luxury on every level.”

The 80 suites embody the elegance of Mediterranean interiors, traditional artifacts, earth colours and delicately carved wooden furnishings. Each suite offers stunning views of the Cretan landscape and sea or the fascinating islet of "Spinalonga" from the two spacious private verandas. All of them have been built within two-storey structures, with easy access from the main building. Without doubt, the "Domes of Elounda All Suites and Villas Spa resort" gives the individual the freedom to spend quality time in their own spacious suite, with its Mediterranean style interior, private pool or open-air Jacuzzi.

Ideal for families and couple alike looking for high quality accommodation, fine service and a total new holiday experience. The complex enjoys a peaceful and relaxing location, yet is within easy reach of local nightlife. The villas are located 2,5 km from Elounda and 75 km from Heraklion airport.
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