Folegandros, accessible by ferry from Santorini, Milos and Piraeus is known locally as the 'Island of Peace'. It is a mountainous and rocky island with green fields and traditional settlements. It is one of the few Greek Islands that has remained relatively undiscovered by tourism. 

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There are three main villages on the island: Karavostasis - a small seaside village, Hora (also known as Folegandros Town) - a traditional medieval village and Ano Meria - a rural village spread across cultivated fields. Our luxury hotels in Folegandros are located in Chora and Karavostasis. 

The island has a number of quiet beaches although many require some hiking to get to or the hiring of a boat. Karavostasis  beach (long and shingle) and Angali beach (one of the nicest) can be reached by car.

Outside of the three villages, the landscape is predominantly rural consisting of  terraced hills and the remains of old, abandoned windmills. The dry climate combined with the rocky and mountainous terrain made farming here quite hard.

One of the highlights of our holidays to Folegandros is a leisurely walk up to the church of Panaghia where you will be rewarded with magnificent views of the west coast of the island and the village of Chora with its three squares in a row closed to traffic.

Today, Folegandros has been described as untouched and peaceful  with a relaxing atmosphere, lovely beaches and close to Milos and Santorini.  The island has also been called Greece’s most beautiful  undiscovered island and an untouched piece of true Greece.