Mykonos is everyone’s picture postcard image of Greece. Mykonos town is incredibly picturesque, a maze of narrow stone-flagged streets lined with dazzlingly white buildings in the distinctive Mykonos cubist style; blue shutters contrast with vivid splashes of colour from the bougainvillea cascading from every balcony.

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Along the waterfront lined with boats, the fishermen still mend their nets, overlooked by the famous windmills; under the Cycladic light, even the blue of the sea seems more intense. One of the memories you will have from one of our holidays to Mykonos. 

Mykonos town has a wide choice of restaurants, boutiques, stylish bars and nightclubs. Beyond the town, the island’s indented coastline is a succession of golden sandy beaches, many of them offering water sports as well as excellent swimming. Getting around is easy: buses are frequent and both taxis and hire cars are readily available. The sacred island of Delos, one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece is just a half hour’s sailing away.

Mykonos holidays are as sophisticated and varied as the island itself: whether you choose to stay in town or by the beach, you will find a wide choice of luxury Mykonos hotels offering every luxury you could need for a truly memorable holiday.