Official category 5*    Sleeps 2-5    Bed & Breakfast 
Crystal Waters Lefkada opened its doors in 2018 to become the go-to place for those seeking something out of the ordinary in Lefkas, the “Caribbean of Greece”. This luxury island retreat occupies a lovingly selected plot in Nikiana village, with attractive island and water views.  A wide range of hospitality services, high-level gastronomy and a genuine sense of care and attention to detail permeate every aspect of this unique environment and complement the outstanding living experience.  The hotel is a place where landscape, architecture and crystal waters combine to become one.

Crystal Waters is an exciting place designed to stand the test of time.  Hospitality from the heart, zestful island architecture and a genuine community feeling are lovingly injected into this unique property’s DNA.  It’s a truly magnificent place, thoughtfully designed to ensure a delightful open-air feeling and generous livable spaces.  Sensational amenities and proximity to the beach, marina and best of Lefkada’s dining scene offer residents an exclusive address with impeccable credentials.  The stylish spaces with elegant design provide a soothing contrast to the island scenery and exude a warm feeling of luxury island cosiness and freedom.

Crystal Waters is the spot where pure relaxation meets experiential luxury. The place invites guests to enjoy a well earned vacation and leaves them relaxed and simply happy to be present in the moment. Charmingly minimalistic, all spaces stand out for their sophistication and stylish approach to comfort, while delivering on the “Crystal Waters” cool charisma.

Crystal Waters currently offers 146 luxury rooms and suites with a unique layout, original decoration and a hand-picked selection of top-quality materials. The minimal, elegantly designed modern spaces provide a comfortable, relaxed ambience and high-profile, superior hospitality. At Crystal Waters rooms and suites ooze an effortless sense of simplicity and timeless design that invite guests to relax in comfort. The thoughtfully designed interiors exude uncomplicated modern style and promise to de-stress, inspire and energize, focusing on providing space, comfort and privacy.